Evelina De Lain

Composer of clazz, contemporary classical and jazz
Evelina De Lain

Born in the Ukraine, the daughter of a piano teacher and film director, Evelina gained early recognition as a classical piano prodigy, at the age of four. She began her formal music education at the tender age of 5 in her mother’s music class. Successful appearances at regional and national music competitions soon followed.

Evelina’s professional career has just turned the 20 year mark. She has come far since her first paid job at 14 years old, teaching at her music school. At the age of 17 she went on to become the youngest accompanist to ever play at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Dnipropetrovsk.

Both classical college concerts and jazz shows soon followed.

At the age of 20 she began performing around the world, appearing in venues ranging from cruise ships to the concert stage.

In 2009, inspired by Debussy’s famous prelude, Evelina wrote, arranged, performed and produced her debut solo album, "The Girl With the Flaxen Hair. Continued..." which featured her original contemporary classical, neoimpressionist and jazz compositions. Critics quickly took notice.

This led to 2 more original piano cycles, “Seasons and Places” (dedicated to Peter Tchaikovsky) and “12 Colourful Preludes” (both inspired by and dedicated to Erik Satie). “12 Colourful Preludes” prompted a unique collaboration between music and art, when painter Alexandra Khorbostova created her amazing pictures while listening to Evelina’s music.

Having mastered solo piano projects, Evelina moved on to duo and trio recordings and performances collaborating with Katya Lazareva (viola), BBC jazz award winner Tony Kofi (soprano saxophone) and National awards winner Karen O'Brien (clarinet) and releasing her latest album of waltzes "Les Femmes Romantiques" with her Clazz trio.

One critic wrote: “Glamorous and sophisticated, Evelina delivers enveloping and engrossing pieces that make time both fly by and stand still in the same moment.” Showcasing versatility, range and technically superb performance, her own compositions of “Norwegian Fjords”, "A Trip to Paris", "Circus of Life", “Dark Angel,” … etc., have become requested standards by fans at her shows. Her talents have drawn praise and garnered attention from many notable audience members, including His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the legendary Tony Bennett and Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Bobby McFerrin, Quincy Jones, “Earth, Wind and Fire”, 5-time Emmy Award winning composer Mark Watters, among others.

Evelina's compositional skills and musical aspirations are constantly evolving and reaching new heights. In the summer of 2010, she published her first book of intermediate and advanced pieces for students and music lovers, “The Girl With the Flaxen Hair. Continued…”, designed for both professional and amateur players alike. This work is now being included in curriculums for conservatories, university music programs etc., adding to her growing list of accomplishments that already includes 2 degrees, Bmus and Mmus (in classical music, concert performance and music education). Ms. De Lain is sought after for private lessons, lectures and seminars on composition. She has also recently branched out into the world of film composition, having written and performed her first score for the short independent film "Into the Sunshine".

Evelina is also known for her improvisation, and on occasion will invite members of the audience to give her a few notes, from which she will create an entire impromptu composition - on the spot. She is equally comfortable interpreting famous jazz standards or blending them with and expanding upon classical themes. At times her performances also incorporate visual art, including frequent collaborations with acclaimed artists and videographers.

Currently, Evelina makes her home in London, where she may be seen and heard performing in residence at some of the top venues in the city, such as The Dorchester and The Ritz, she also appears at the famous Ronnie Scott's and 606 Clubs.
In 2011 she toured USA with 22 concerts of her own, returning to London with 4 duo and trio concerts presenting her 3 albums and performing 2 classical programmes.

Evelina also accompanied Broadway stars such as Jeanne Lehman (the original Mrs Potz from “Beauty and the Beast” and Kissy Simmons (the original Nahla from “The Lion King”).

Evelina’s jazz repertoire, spanning more than four hundred standards, is perfectly suited and available for eminent jazz clubs, luxury dinners and exhibitions, cocktail parties and highest level gatherings. Evelina’s traditional jazz voice has fluency, unique energy and character, emotive and articulate across a very wide range of pitch, alto to high soprano and thereon. The most immaculate piano technique is assured every time, but Evelina’s truest passion and completion lies in offering the sound of her own, masterfully created music.

Evelina De Lain attests and describes her writing style as contemporary classical and neo-impressionism meeting jazz (incorporating touches of postmodernism, neoclassicism, modernism intertwined with mere minimalism).Evelina defines the overall genre as CLAZZ. Particular influences for Evelina, are very naturally, some of the greatest and most gifted composers of all... Debussy, Ravel, Ellington, Brubek, Evans, Satie, Schnittke, Shostakovich... The name and identity, De Lain, is sure to follow...


• Recognized as a classical prodigy at 4 years old.

• As a seven-year old began piano improvisation and started composing music in her signature style at age 14.

• Began teaching professionally at music school at age 14.

• Winner of the Frederic Chopin National competition at age 15.

• Youngest ballet accompanist ever to perform at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in the Ukraine at age 17.

• Began composing and performing jazz at 17.

• Won Second Place at the Ukrainian National Contemporary Music Competition at the age of 18.

• Graduated with honours at Dnipropetrovsk College Music (Bmus).

• Graduated with distinction at Kiev National Conservatoire of Music (Mmus).

• Started touring internationally at age 20.

• Began residency in London in 2004.

• Performed with Broadway stars Jeanne Lehman and Kissy Simmons in 2011.

• Released debut album of original contemporary classical music “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Continued...” in 2009. Album presentation at Schott Recital Room on 24th of November 2011.

• Accompanying sheet music book for “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Continued...” published in 2010.

• Released the piano cycle “12 Colourful Preludes” along with accompanying sheet music in October, 2011.

• First part of 2011 - performed 22 solo concerts of her original music in USA.

• Second half of 2011 - performed 2 big classical concerts in London and 3 album launches in duo and trio set-up.

• Evelina wrote, arranged, produced and launched her newest album of waltzes for piano, clarinet and viola “Les Femmes Romantiques” in December 2011, the album is scheduled for its official release in early 2012.